Food Fusion

It was sooooooooo super duper great that we had a potluck because everyone brought in food that represented them or that they ate as a kid or that they just love. Amelia’s pandan spread and durian was especially unique, but probably one of my favorite items there. I loved getting to know her through her stories about her childhood. It is so awesome that going to the grocery store made to nostalgic. I was lucky enough to go to the grocery store with her and the excitement she had on her face and in her voice when she walked up and down the aisles. Sachi, Amelia, and I went shopping together and I loved that experience. Going there made me miss home because it smells like the place I go to reguarly (maybe it is because most Asian supermarkets smell similar….like fish!). I ended up buying 5 cans (which were very, very difficult to carry back to my dorm). I wanted to make a mixed fruit dessert. In Thai we call it “ruom meet” which means “mixed.” I thought this dessert was very appropriate for the class because it is a mixed race experience class! Unfortunately, we did not end up eating the dessert. But that is totally fine because we had so much food!! Fortunately, we had a diverse selection of snacks, drinks, and main entrees. This is the type of potluck I love because it is not just the typical chips, soda, and burger type of potluck. 

I loved the discussions we had around the table and the new musical entertainment that we were introduced to. It is memories like these that make me remember a particular class for a very long time. I also liked sitting around an intimate table. I think it provides for a better discussion – more relaxed feeling. I think the class actively participates and it is just an all around very good homey feel to the class. It feels like a safe space where our ideas are respected and heard. It is a place where our experiences and personal stories come alive. 

I also thoroughly enjoyed the activity we did at the end of class. It was not only a nice review of everything we covered in 15 weeks, but it was also a great reflection on topics we have thought about throughout the course. I enjoyed reading everything every single person wrote because it was if they put a little piece of themselves on the board to share with the class. The chain of replies was hilarious! It is so great to be in a classroom where everyone has so much in common yet brings something different to the class. 

This reflection is dedicated to the last day of class (which I guess is finals day). It has been an incredible 15 weeks. I’m so glad to have been in a class with such smart, caring, and driven classmates. I’ve learned so much from Professor O’Brien. I hope to take more of her classes. This class is unique because we can share our personal experiences. Not only that, but everyone is there with open ears. We are undoubtedly lucky to be in a safe space like the Claremont Colleges. And for that, I am thankful.


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